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Kansei Tandem (5x120)

Kansei Tandem (5x120)

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Kansei pays homage to the legendary Godzilla: our Tandem wheel is everything we loved about this mysterious wheel from the 90's now build with better options. Ranging from light to deep concave, our Tandem offers maximum brake clearances and a distinct bold soft spoke design. The Tandem wheel can now compliment all chassis looking to adapt a legend to their unique application.


  • Kansei Tandem 17 / 18 / 19 Inch
  • PCD: 5x120 *Sets of 4*
  • Color Options: Hyper Silver, Textured Bronze, Gloss Gunmetal.
  • With its Formlite (Flow Formed) barrel construction, pocketed mounting pad, reinforced inner lip, and massive caliper clearances the Neo is ready to thrash as well as cleanup for the street! Exclusive Zociety/JDM Marketplace Sizing
  • Fit for FK8 Civic Type R / FL5 Civic Type R / F87 M2 Non-C/Non CS / F3x Non-M / E46 Non-M / E9x Non-M. Will fit a variety of other cars and platforms as well. Please conduct research prior to placing your order.
  • NOTE: Zociety/JDM Marketplace is an official Direct Authorized Kansei dealer and distributor in the US. All Kansei Wheel products we procure, source, and sell are manufactured and imported directly. Please do not purchase replica / imitation products - your safety is our concern!
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