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Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit - 1999 - 2005 Mazda Miata (MX5)

Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit - 1999 - 2005 Mazda Miata (MX5)

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Mazda Miatas love track days, but with hot laps come hot oil temperatures. High oil temps can be detrimental to a vast majority of engine components, and a fried piston ring can turn your fun track day and into a costly repair. NB Miatas come with a stock liquid-to-liquid oil cooler, which is sufficient for daily driving, but just doesn't cut it when it comes to more spirited driving.

During testing, this Miata oil cooler kit dropped oil temperatures 10°F (5.6°C) when tested on a 65 mph highway cruise. This Miata oil cooler set-up is definitely going to come in handy when you're redlining your engine around the track. The design of the mounting bracket serves as ducting to channel air to the cooler, and it mounts the cooler away from the front bumper to save room for an intercooler. And who doesn't want an intercooler, a turbo, and other forced induction bits? Speaking of forced induction, turbos can also heat-up oil, which makes an oil cooler a vital addition to your boosted Miata.

Kit Includes - 

Application Specific Mounting Brackets
Application Specific Oil Cooler Ducts
10-Row Oil Cooler
1ft Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ 120 Degree -10AN Fittings
1ft 9.5in Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ 90 Degree and 120 Degree -10AN Fittings
M20 Thermostatic Sandwich Plate
M20 Stainless Steel Sandwich Plate Adapter
M20 x -10AN Straight Fittings
Large O-ring
Mounting Hardware Set
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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